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Our trainings are specifically designed to provide an easy-to-attend and effective classroom experience from anywhere in the world.

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Expert Training

Jim Kellner is an expert in the field of hypnosis, teaching, and personal development and a successful entrepreneur.

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Mental Tools

In addition to expert instruction and mentorship, most of the available programs offer utilize hypnosis and other mental tools to increase success though are not required.



The goal of the Hypnotic Success Academy is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams with passion, confidence, and excitement.

I aim to provide transformational tools and techniques, including education, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP),coaching, hypnosis, to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, break through barriers, and cultivate a positive mindset that propels them towards their goals.

When needed other methods may be employed like the "A shoulder to cry on" (ASTCO) technique and the, "Kick in the Ass" (KIA) protocol.

Through my programs, I want to inspire individuals to live their best lives, pursue their passions, and create a life they love.

Join the community! What would you do if you knew you could not fail?


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Jim Kellner

Jim Kellner

Your Success Is My Success™

Master Hypnotist Jim Kellner has helped thousands of people change their lives with the power of hypnosis. He's the author of 'Navigating Success' and is one of only a handful of hypnotists to have spoken on the TEDx stage..

What My Students Say


I saw Jim Kellner at HypnoThoughts and it was one of the most memorable and useful lectures I attended there. This is high praise as I attended many of them, most taught by all sorts of brilliant minds in the field. I, of course, am including Jim Kellner in that tier of brilliance. I look forward to attending his events in the future!

Lily Masco, Clinical Hypnotist

I really enjoyed JimKellner's presentation!Jim is so humorous thathe kept us laughingwhile learning, and I

appreciate that hemodified and adaptedhis presentation basedon the questions of hisaudience.

Jennifer Kane, Dynamic Health
Chiropractic LLC