Affirmations For Transformation V1

Affirmations For Transformation V1

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The power of positive affirmations can transform ones life in massive ways. You can take an active role by repeating the affirmations you hear or simply let the words seep in and work their magic.

The greatest benefits will be attained when listened to frequently as it takes many positive messages to override all of the negative input we receive over the years.

Not sure if positive affirmations work? Think of the opposite - negative affirmations. Many people are constantly bombarded by negative affirmations (negative self talk or from others) that brings them down, hurts their self-esteem, and disempowers them.

Created and recorded by noted Author, Speaker, Stage Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist, Jim Kellner.

Each recording has been digitally mastered to ensure the most effective and enjoyable listening experience possible.

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